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Who defines our Success and what defines them?

Investigate how entrepreneurship and development solve dynamic problems in emerging economies

-this is what our identity is!!

Create, Evolve and Repeat : Lacuna Venture Startup Contest

Startup Workshop

Do you have an idea that can impact socially? You are just a step back.

Any applicant interested in beginning work on a startup journey is ready to get started.


And Claim the entrepreneurial realm!!


Lacuna Venture startup workshop introduces you to the entrepreneurial world and provide hands on sustaining your startup ideas. Entrepreneurs develop confidence, creativity, and possess the necessary skills to build a SUSTAINABLE STARTUPS. During these workshop, businesses join us as a part career team members who are engaged through actionable insights generated during their week’s activities.



Redesigning one’s aptitude is a must in today’s world to survive the unsteady business aspirations. We developed the support system built naturally afterwards. We offer qualitative in-store courses and mentorship sessions from our experienced and skilled leaders to help you create your opportunities as an individual and an institution.



Women entrepreneurship is an increasingly competitive. Our foundation is focused on generating and strengthening social entrepreneurship programs and promoting female empowerment among youth through mentorship workshops, career advice programs and open events where there are opportunities not just with businesses but also individuals.

Fashion Design Workshop

Fashion Design Workshop

It has always been more observant that fashion has been gifting the world with most- received aesthetic innovations which has been evocative about its associated era. Fashion has great scope in Nepal and the restrictions exist alongside. Sustainability is a culture and it focuses on the quality and the values of our clothes, and on their ethical production and distribution.

Where to start from?

We believe the crucial step of SUCCESS lies in letting you go of FEAR and try something CREATIVE. We aim to familiarize sustainable start-up ideas to enthusiasts addressing the prospects of

Why Choose Us?

We are dedicated to not only building long-term opportunities, but also to exchanging value along the way.


Creating Opportunities

‘You are the creator’ You are the doorway to immense possibilities awaiting ahead. To bridge the gap between your dream and reality, Lacuna Venture as a parent organization has come up with inventive and imaginative projects and development, including Lacuna Academy and Workshop (Entrepreneur’s Projects and global mentorship) across the country. We help you create opportunities instead of searching.

Our Core Values

Integrity, trust, accountability, commitment to customers. We abide by these core principles and as a team, we evolve overcoming challenges together. We consider your trust on us as the most valuable asset . We believe in soaring together with ceaseless improvement and eternal relation with you all. Let’s fill the gap in unison!As Promised,The Future Looks Brighter Ahead!


Business demands competencies and innovative techniques to succeed. Achieving ever-changing market expectations need creative efforts and marketing strategies. Our ingenious projects would enhance your expertise to rule the sector you are working on! We believe the crucial step of success lies in letting go of fear and try something creative. So, our every effort lies on offering leading edge solutions to our clients.


We are a full-service marketing and advertising agency, fashion designing, e-commerce services, digital marketing, and technology ecosystem. Our team specializes in supporting customers across all industry sectors. We work closely with our clients to understand their individual needs in order to help them achieve their design goals.

"Live in Your Company Profile , Play in Ours."


We focus on creating mature entrepreneurship innovation, well thought out workshops with fast turnaround times to ensure quick development all stages- from our preferred method for young entrepreneurs and youths to create, manage and operate sustainable business ecosystems.

The Architect


“Failure! I don’t fear that; I have the courage to face success!
Igniting your startup but what if I? The nervous excitement that ignites to thrive in the journey of our dream. Most of the inspiring dreams vanished with that fear of failure. Yesterday! Was the day I feared tomorrow, but today I thrive to face success! Do you know why?
When you take risks, you learn that there will be times when you succeed and there will be times when you fail, and both are equally important. I always believed that my greatest opportunity has always been me; myself! So, here I am today creating my own opportunities. Always remember that:
“Your Opportunity is You”.
Be the deserving one not a reasonable one!”

Mahendra Gautam

Message from CEO - Lacuna Venture