We believe the crucial step to SUCCESS lies in letting go of FEAR and try something CREATIVE .Our passion for the future of our design goals drove us to conduct extensive research so that Lacuna Venture could provide you with the best entrepreneurship experiences with the aim to develop and expand social entrepreneurship initiatives while also fostering women’s empowerment, gender equality, and several roles that have had a social impact on society. Every organization has a story to tell, so do we have one of the inspiring and dynamic stories expected to contact the crowd. Our micro business revolution workshop will bring you to the world of entrepreneurship and give you practical advice about how to keep your startup ideas alive. Investigate how entrepreneurship and development address complex issues in developing economies—this is our identity!


We are a group of entrepreneurs who are willing to give it our all in everything we do. We are personally committed to providing the best service possible. Our devoted and delightful team in beautiful and irenic Kathmandu, Nepal, handles everything from customer service to our services. We created one of the only fully-featured, free startup businesses after seeing an increased need for a digital network future, allowing business owners to launch their business online and communicate with the people. We now serve people from all over the world and are ecstatic to be able to channel our passion into our own website and services. Our team will be always available for you and welcoming you. We will be providing guidance throughout the journey with you and learn from one another.

Team Mahendra Gautam

Your Opportunity is You!
So many are lost, and more can never be found! The world seems to live at a loss; or perhaps we have entered into some way to help save lives instead?

Mahendra Gautam

CEO /Founder

Prashant Bhandari - Lacuna Venture

Prashant Bhandari


Rijan Luitel : Lacuna Venture


Damodar Luitel


Mahesh Adhikari - Lacuna Venture

Mahesh Adhikari

Graphics / Motion Head

Bipila Panta - Office Head


Dhiraj Ale Magar

Sales Manager


Our team helps clients specify, plan, execute, manage, and optimize technology and sustainable business ecosystems.  We are passionate in delivering business outcomes and having a positive business impact, and the way we collaborate with clients reflects this. We work closely with our clients to understand their individual needs in order to help them achieve their design goals. We also work to help them create the perfect company profile, every time. A key to any good relationship, communication is an essential way to build customer relationships. Lacuna Venture family promotes and listens to our customers, so we confront what our clients need, and show them that we have solutions to their problem.

We are a team that draws upon our years of experience designing for high-end clients. Our main focus is on brand and visual identity but we also bring a unique mix of design thinking, illustration, and computer illustration together to operate a sustainable business. We are the ideal solution for your next sustainable business model with an affordable design portfolio to build a strong company profile brand. From this humble beginning, we have grown into a business that brings the best services to the world. We always highly appreciate our customers for feedback and opportunities. Most importantly, we raise the bar by delivering the highest quality of services faster than anticipated.