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A total of 275,433 small and medium enterprises were registered in Nepal. (According to the central bank’s report).
Lacuna Venture Startup Workshop introduces you to the entrepreneurial world and provides a hands-on entrepreneurial world. Entrepreneurs develop confidence, creativity, and possess the necessary skills to build sustainable startups. These programs offer leadership opportunities for senior leaders who are already experts or willing entrepreneurs with strong interpersonal relationships. Willing entrepreneurs learn from professional mentors about how to make it into corporate leadership positions across multiple industries.

Problems faced by young entrepreneurs:

There are many reasons why startups in Nepal fail. A lot of entrepreneurs have faced failure in their business despite being so close to success.
According to data released by the Small Business Administration (SBA) in 2018, about one-fifth of all startup businesses fail in the first year, half of all employer institutions fail within five years, and only about one-third survive 10 years or more. Let me tell you why a business fails.

  1. Financial Issues Male Dominated Society
  2. Limited Mobility Criticism
  3. Family Ties
  4. Lack of research
  5. Customer Outreach

Lacuna Venture remedial measures to promote young entrepreneurship in Nepal:

We focus on creating mature entrepreneurship innovation, well thought out workshops with fast turnaround times to ensure quick development of all stages-from our preferred method for young entrepreneurs and youths to create, and manage sustainable business ecosystems.

    1. Workshop Trainings
    2. Financial Investment
    3. Marketing Assistance

We are committed not only to creating, long-term opportunities but sharing value along these routes.

Join our Entrepreneurial Workshop and unbox your opportunities.

1.Assist members with understanding the procedure, difficulties and transition of the entrepreneurship with a focal point of building up a field-tested strategy that can be introduced to financial specialties.
2.Incorporate numerous mini-presentation exercises, mentorship and ideas sharing to empower members to change their business thoughts into noteworthy field-tested strategy.
3.Furnish the young talents and dreams with the resources required to sustain a business start-up.
4.Networking your organization with clients.
5.The exertion of architecting the venture and project with your crucial general vision.

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