Small Business and Entrepreneurship

If you have an idea, we are here to foster, support and enable you to achieve success. Our mission is to connect you to an open, inclusive and collaborative platform of services and products to address the growth and business challenges of early- stage startups in Nepal. Learn how can you start your own business when time feels limited, or maybe money isnt an option.

Our Workshop Package

The institute focuses exclusively upon helping entrepreneurs become more productive by providing them with hands-on training to bring their business ideas into reality. We want to furnish your experience in entrepreneurship through learning new entrepreneurial skills like improving productivity with tools such as entrepreneurship and investing capital into ideas so they'll take off faster than you anticipated. This session includes many valuable exercises but also our core principles: create one's own vision for success through entrepreneurship not limited knowledge rather research-driven workshops.

Entrepreneurial Venture

  • Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Communication Strategy
  • Investment Pitch Deck
  • Goal Setting workshop

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  • Scalable B2B
  • E-commerce Buildup
  • Creation & Commercialization
  • Small Business & Entrepreneurship

The complete begineers guide to entrepreneurs

Each session will provide participants with a different aspect of startup ideas and challanges, which may include: How to create a product;How can the idea be made practical? The goal of this workshop is not an excuse- but also the opportunity in itself. Membership participants have free entry into all sessions as well: they'll learn everything you need to know how small business and entrepreneurship startups work from day one. Our unique approach combines practical skills required in effective teamwork with innovative thinking as we learn from other successful entrepreneurs throughout the world. We strive toward engaging entrepreneurs by creating collaborative learning opportunities which are rooted into real life experiences so they can engage at deeper levels inside their mind.

  • Furnish your talent with the resources required to sustain start-up business
  • Explore the transition of entrepreneurship with a focal point of building up a field-tested strategy
  • Incorporate numerous mini-presentation exercise, mentorship and entrepreneurial ideas.
  • Network your organization to potential investors and clients.
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